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NSN Hotels offers “Sanitised Stays” in Kolkata that have been prepared keeping your health in mind. These hotels in Kolkata follow a minimal touch SOP for check-in & check-out, housekeeping and room service.

Kolkata has quite a number of NSN Hotels rooms in various categories throughout the city. You can find a good place to stay based on what you plan to do in the city and also your budget. Best Accommodations: 1. NSN Pearltree Express Hotel 2. NSN Hotel Bosquet 3. NSN YMCA Seacom Inn View more hotels in Kolkata

Apart from being famous for its Durga Pooja festivities, there is much that Kolkata has to offer. Some of the places worth seeing are Victoria Memorial, Fort William, Nakhoda Mosque, Pareshwanath Temple and many others. The famous Howrah Bridge is a popular attraction here and of course, the 200-year-old Kalighat Kali Temple. The largest library (by volume) in the country is also located in Kolkata- the National Library has over 2.2 million books. The building itself presents some very impressive architecture too.

The very best time to visit Kolkata is between the months of October to March. The climate is pleasant during this period and you can also take in the festivities of the grand Durga Pooja celebrations if you time it right. The International Book Fair is also scheduled during these months, making this a great time for a visit. April and May are avoidable as the temperatures tend to soar here making sightseeing quite a tedious process.

Quite close to the Airport, NSN Hotels has some of its best hotels near Airport in Kolkata in both affordable range and in luxury range: NSN Hotel Royal Crown NSN A B Guest House View more hotels in Kolkata

A trip to Kolkata is incomplete if you do not taste the tasty Roshogollas here. The best place for those is K.C. Das. Mouth-watering sweet Sandesh from Nakur Nandy is another don’t-miss item. Bhim Chandra Nag is another famous place for traditional Bengali sweets. Street foods like puchkas, a Kolkattan cousin of the pani puri, are best tasted at Vivekananda Park. Maharaaja Chat Centre, Southern Avenue is your go-to place for the tangy, tasty churmur, another popular snack here. Head to Zaika at Park Street for Kathi Rolls. Don’t forget to get a taste of authentic Kolkata Luchi Alu Dum at Fairlie Place too.

The bus service is quite reliable and you can definitely use the public transport system to travel in and around Kolkata. You can even choose from AC, Non AC buses, regular and luxury. The best part is that bus travel is quite affordable too. The tram service is still functional in some parts of the city, if you want to experience this ride. There are share autos on some routes that offer an affordable, if crowded, travel option. Hand drawn cycle rickshaws are still quite a common sight here on the streets. The Metro trains are also a viable option but since service is fairly limited right now they are not as convenient as the bus network.

The best place for fried snacks, that is telebhaja, is right at College Street. Kalika Mukhorochok is a little shop here where all the locals flock to buy the unusual snacks like fried brinjals, egg chops, fried fish etc. Keep in mind that the shop is only open from 4 to 8 pm in the evenings and the snacks are emptied out by eager customers quickly. If you want to have a huge variety to choose from then you have to head here early.

For school-age kids, a visit to Science City may be the best thing to do. Every field of science is represented here, there is much to see and learn about the earth, an evolution park with robotic prehistoric creatures and more to keep kids enthralled. Nicco Park is where you will find some thrilling Disneyland type rides alongside interesting food options and awesome shopping- great for the entire family. Older children might like the Birla Industrial and Technological Museum- 12 galleries covering a range of subjects including physics, maths, life science, biotech and more.

There are quite a few NSN Hotels budget and luxury hotels near Howrah Railway Station, to choose from: Best Accommodations: NSN Mahavir Guest House, NSN Kiaan Inn.


How do I find available hotels for the period I want to stay?

In the search menu on the left containing the check-in and check-out data, please select the dates of your stay and tick ‘Show only available hotels’.

How do I search for hotels by price?

In the selection box at the top left of the search page you can sort the listing of hotels by price (when searching for available hotels on a specific date), popularity, class or name.

Where can I find the directions to the hotel?

At the bottom of the overview page of the hotel you can find travel information with details on location and directions. On the top left there is an extensive map of the area around the hotel.

Can I generally request an extra bed for a third person in a double room and at what costs?

It will depend on each hotel’s policy and availability. Once you have retrieved the availability for a specific hotel for the requested dates, by clicking on the room name, you will access the room description. If the possibility and the costs of an extra bed in the room are not specified in the room description, please send an e-mail to

Are the rates on your website per person or per room?

All rates on the website are per room per stay, unless stated differently.

Is breakfast included in the price?

Once you have retrieved the availability for a specific hotel for the requested dates, by clicking on the room name, you will find information about breakfast, taxes and room facilities.

Do you offer special discounts (for seniors, Corporate employees, etc)?

We provide the best available rates for the dates of your stay. The discounts are already included and therefore it is not possible to have any other discount on the confirmed price.