A Guide to Couple-Friendly Hotel Bookings

A Guide to Couple-Friendly Hotel Bookings

With so many couples planning romantic getaways, it can be hard to find the perfect hotel that is both affordable and couple-friendly. Luckily, our guide has you covered with all you need to know about booking the best possible hotels for your dream vacation!

Shorter Stays are Often More Economical. Shorter stays are becoming increasingly popular, as many travellers are finding that it’s often more economical to stay for a night or two than to book a longer reservation. Many hotels offer discounted rates for stays of three nights or less, so if you’re looking to save some money, consider booking shorter stays instead of committing to a week-long vacation. Just make sure to always read the hotel policies before booking so that you know all applicable restrictions and fees.

Finding the right hotel for a couple’s getaway can be difficult, especially when trying to stay in budget. On the brighter side, there are lots of opportunities when it comes to couple friendly hotel booking online. While traditional resort packages usually carry a steeper price tag, many hotels and web sites offer discounted rates on shorter stays. Additionally, if you’re flexible with dates and times, you can often find even lower prices by searching different days or looking for midweek discounts. Be sure to also search for special offers such as romantic packages that include extra perks like free champagne or a couples massage. With careful planning and comparison shopping, you can find some amazing hotel deals that will make your next getaway unforgettable!


How do I find available hotels for the period I want to stay?

In the search menu on the left containing the check-in and check-out data, please select the dates of your stay and tick ‘Show only available hotels’.

How do I search for hotels by price?

In the selection box at the top left of the search page you can sort the listing of hotels by price (when searching for available hotels on a specific date), popularity, class or name.

Where can I find the directions to the hotel?

At the bottom of the overview page of the hotel you can find travel information with details on location and directions. On the top left there is an extensive map of the area around the hotel.

Can I generally request an extra bed for a third person in a double room and at what costs?

It will depend on each hotel’s policy and availability. Once you have retrieved the availability for a specific hotel for the requested dates, by clicking on the room name, you will access the room description. If the possibility and the costs of an extra bed in the room are not specified in the room description, please send an e-mail to admin@nsnhotels.com

Are the rates on your website per person or per room?

All rates on the website are per room per stay, unless stated differently.

Is breakfast included in the price?

Once you have retrieved the availability for a specific hotel for the requested dates, by clicking on the room name, you will find information about breakfast, taxes and room facilities.

Do you offer special discounts (for seniors, Corporate employees, etc)?

We provide the best available rates for the dates of your stay. The discounts are already included and therefore it is not possible to have any other discount on the confirmed price.